Sunday, January 29, 2012

T-209 Days: Bridesmaids

Ceremony venue, check!
Reception venue, check!
Officiant, check!
Wedding gown, check!
Bridesmaid's dresses, uhhh. . . in progress. . .

Our wedding is August 25th of this summer. No biggie. We've got a good chunk of time, especially considering we've got some pretty hefty plans out of the way. Yet, not only am I a bride, I am also a full time college student. Once semester starts, bye-bye freetime. So, I'm determined to get as much done as possible before. . . well. . . before Tuesday.

After a week straight of obsessing over bridesmaids dresses (What will look good on them? What will make them comfortable? What will look good with my dress? What will I like? Etc), I did the most logical thing I could think of. . . I completely changed my colors. (Oy vey!)

Originally we were going with cobalt blue and pale yellow, charcoal for the groomsmen, and short cobalt dresses for the bride's gals. Not too shabby. But the more I looked at the styles and colors, the more I realized that it's just not us.

Generally we're pretty simple in style, very down to earth, and I've always been in love with earth tones (I don't even think I own anything cobalt OR yellow). So I decided to go with something more like this:

Absolutely nothing like what I was originally going for, but certainly much more our style.

It's really important to me to make sure the bridesmaids all feel comfortable, and these roman-style chiffon dresses not only will keep them [fairly] cool at our outdoor wedding, but they compliment a variety of body types. Plus, I LOVE the colors! Noffy (the groom) is from Kansas, and I'm from the New Jersey coast, and we want to incorporate subtle hints of both of our roots - rustic seashore/country side. These colors are very convenient for that!

(HINT: Using David's Bridal's "Dress Your Wedding" app was a big help at visualizing the wedding party. A little creepy with the animation. . . but helpful, none the less.

After FINALLY deciding on the BM dresses, I went at some homemade BM invites. . .

I found blank white cards/envelopes in the wedding craft section at Wal-Mart for $0.97 for a pack of 8. Plain, simple, and to the point. Nothing a little ink and some good handwriting can't love on. The inside contains dates to remember, dress information and attire, and a little note to each bridesmaid expressing the role she has played in my life and how blessed I am to have all of them there with me on my wedding day.

I must admit, I will most definitely have a breathtaking and amazing group of woman by my side as I say my "I do's." :)

Brew of the Week: Okay, I'm going to be perfectly honest. We've established that one, I'm planning a wedding, and two, I'm a college student. With logic, one could accurately conclude that, yes... I am, in fact, broke. With that said, and to my shame, my brew of the week has been a small cup of regular coffee with cream and sugar from Wendy's. It looks much better in that picture than it tastes, I assure you... but it IS only $0.27 with tax. . . so judge not, and have a pleasant week, bloggers :)


  1. A good start! We're with you all the way! R+

  2. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.