Sunday, February 5, 2012

T-202 Days: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

This week has been. . . interesting.

Or should I say PINTERESTING?! (Ba-dum-chhhhh! I'll be here all week, guys.)

Yes, I gave into the world of Pinterest, thanks to a bestie/bridesmaid of mine. And at this rate, I'm almost certain it will be the death of my GPA.

BUT, I am finding fantastic ideas for the wedding. AND it's been a good little pick-me-up (and distraction) as my last semester of undergrad began this week. . . Exhibit A, pictured here.

Who doesn't love themselves some Jim and Pam?

Anywho, the whole bridesmaid dress thing took a lot longer than I anticipated. I had an easier time picking out my own wedding gown! I've been making a big fuss over everything, from the style, to the price, to the colors. I sat for hours browsing The Knot, Mod Cloth, Moonlight (the co. I got my dress from), Bari Jay, and other online bridal shops. . . I pretty much turned into a psychopath.

Alas, I have made my final decision (no, seriously this time), and I'm NOT turning back! I ended up going with a couple dresses from Pretty Maids; summery, flowing, and earth toned. It helped using pieces of swatch cloth (that my local bridal shop so kindly gave to me) to compare colors and get a better visual of how everything will go together.

I was going to order through an online bridal boutique because the prices were slightly lower, but almost every bridal company discouraged online ordering due to unreliability. I read a handful of reviews from brides and bridesmaids who were only weeks away from the wedding and had received wrong dresses, damaged dresses, or no dresses at all. . . and I'm really not interested in that nightmare, so I'll be ordering from the boutique that I got my dress. Anyway, I'm happy to be checking this part off my to-do list, and I'm sure you, dear reader, will be glad for me to post about something different.

In the meanwhile, I suggest you take a look at my Pinterest album, Wedding Love, and check out some of the ideas I've got my eye on. My favorite find by far has been a hair style that completely portrays what I'm going for.

I mean, is this woman's hair not absolutely spectacular?! Am I the only one here who's drooling with jealousy??

I've been growing out my hair for my wedding day since before Noffy and I were even dating, so I'm pretty set on wearing it down. Also, being a beach babe at heart, I need to rep. my coastal roots. (Get it?! Roots, like. . . background, but like... hair too?!) Okay, okay. I'll quit with the puns.

That's what I've got for now. May you have a wonderful and productive week, friends, and may you're veins always be caffeinated :)

Brew of the Week:
The brew this week is the well known and sturdy Pike Place, a simple, mild, and commendable cup of morning joe. Not the most hipster cup of coffee, by any means. But when some one offers you some coffee, by golly, you accept it with gratitude! (Especially if that some one happens to be your future mother-in-law).


  1. Pike can work...if you don't have Sumatra! :)

  2. Good are looking really good.